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TOPIC: A difficulty I've got listening to the album...
[Screamin' Demon] Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:03:50 AM 
I don't normally do this, to make threads that are centred on myself but I would really need some advice. When I bought Nostradamus it has blown me away. The difficulty I've got listening to the album now is that when I bought the album, I fell for a really special girl, who made me every guarantee she will not fuck me over like so many other girls have, and knew what I'd been through. The entire image of her built up in my head whenever listening to Nostradamus. Well, things have now changed, and the girl did not keep her promise, on the contrary she hurt me in the most sickening and disgusting way possible. Because to me personally Nostradamus album would convey a lot of images of her in my head when I listen to it, I've now found myself almost abandoning the album. I feel bad being deprived of one of my favourite albums. I want to get back to listening to the album enjoyably, but don't know how to rub out the image of her in my head when I do listen to it, because it was there in the first place. Any useful advice would really be appreciated.
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