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A difficulty I've got listening to the album...
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[Jeanine] Monday, August 04, 2008 9:03:33 PM 
 Awe, hang in there.  I know this is hard to see now but there are so many great people out there. When you do find a great person, who reciprocates your feelings, it will be awesome.  Stay who you are and be a little happier than your angry self.   (wait a minute, does that make sense?)
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[Screamin' Demon] Monday, August 04, 2008 6:26:14 PM 
You're right. Anyways, to all your efforts in helping me find the solution thanks very much. On an interesting note,I have previously made a song to her named Newfound Horizons, and after the heartbreak, instead of throwing away such an effort of a song, I've decided to simply follow it up with a ruthless aggressiver rocker entitled "Take You Down In A Bitchslap". Will post lyrics of it at some point in Beyond The Realms Of Priest.
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[Bazookajoe_666] Sunday, August 03, 2008 4:42:35 PM 
I suggest Pantera.

But seriously though, Pantera.

Okay haha. Well you have to let go of those feelings. Fuck that chick for fucking you over when she said she wouldn't. Move on man, don't think about her, don't even look at her if you see her. Move on and let go, only you can do that. As the music, think of the actual story in the music and don't relate it to anything or anyone.
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[.] Sunday, August 03, 2008 2:59:28 PM 
For those young enough, a box of Q-Tips will suffice.
For the older please replace the battery in your hearing aid.

Sor 'ed.
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[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Sunday, August 03, 2008 10:26:21 AM 
Buddy i totally know what your going through, im kind of trapped on the second album, and its alot more in my opinion, well depressing( at the beggining) i kind of just feel overwhelmed. Same exact thing happened to me, certain songs bring it on, my advice, just stick to the heavy ones for now. That what ive been doing. I've made my self listen to those songs that made me feel that way and forced myself to think of another theme to it.
[ZaNMaTo] Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:52:03 AM 
Maybe you could reach into the meaning of the song Hope/New Beginnings. Very powerful track. Hope/New Beginnings would be a great focus, because the song is about Nostradamus finding a new love after losing his old one. It's all about him discovering peace and happiness when he thought he would be sad his whole life. A new lover helps him overcome all the bad things, which is a very happy story. 

So stay hopeful man, and I hope that helps you find enjoyment in the album again. But as with any personal problems, the feelings you have, have to be released by YOU. Usually you just need a boost.
Edited at: Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:58:04 AM
[Screamin' Demon] Sunday, August 03, 2008 7:03:50 AM 
I don't normally do this, to make threads that are centred on myself but I would really need some advice. When I bought Nostradamus it has blown me away. The difficulty I've got listening to the album now is that when I bought the album, I fell for a really special girl, who made me every guarantee she will not fuck me over like so many other girls have, and knew what I'd been through. The entire image of her built up in my head whenever listening to Nostradamus. Well, things have now changed, and the girl did not keep her promise, on the contrary she hurt me in the most sickening and disgusting way possible. Because to me personally Nostradamus album would convey a lot of images of her in my head when I listen to it, I've now found myself almost abandoning the album. I feel bad being deprived of one of my favourite albums. I want to get back to listening to the album enjoyably, but don't know how to rub out the image of her in my head when I do listen to it, because it was there in the first place. Any useful advice would really be appreciated.
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