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TOPIC: Famed comic genius George Carlin has died...
[Deep Freeze] Wednesday, June 25, 2008 9:28:31 AM 

Ah DC, my friend. I do hope I can avoid offending your sensibilities with a response to your comments. It is clear that you have a tremendously caring heart and you are sincere in your desire to see all men "saved" but, if you actually read one of Carlin's books you will see that, to him,  the "joke" is religion. I can assure you he meant what he said and said it very, very well.

It always astonishes me how the "god folks" are so enamored with flowery words and abstract metaphors. "Wouldst that man can see unto his soul, yea he would know that GOD is verily within thine light bulb thusly..." Umm....OK....?

All the words in the universe prove nothing. George loved to point that out. He was fond of challenging anyone to give ANY evidence of deity or "afterlife". Any. All he got was words and that is what he gave in return. You see, just because a person (John the Baptist or Fred Flintstone) says something happened or is the "truth" does not necessarily make it so. George was great at pointing THAT out as well.

I do not want to make this yet ANOTHER religious debate. It has been my experience that these are the most useless of all conversations we have on this site. I cannot change the minds of those that buy into this tale and they clearly cannot change mine. To argue this will only lead to someone getting upset and then we have another stupid fight on our hands.

I appreciate the tenacity and conviction of the people here that have religious beliefs. They most obviously are comforting and certainly not up for debate. Equally, my views remain unchanged, regardless of all the book quotes thrown at me and the dire predictions set out for my future. It appears that I succeed only in annoying these folks with my comments and so, it is better that we quash this here and now.

I am sure George is "looking up at us and screaming.."

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