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TOPIC: Famed comic genius George Carlin has died...
[Deep Freeze] Tuesday, June 24, 2008 11:38:42 AM 
I find myself somewhat perplexed by the light response on this Thread. I realize this is a Priest site, but I cannot believe that more of our membership have not commented on this great man. I am almost certain that he has been recognized by just about every person here and I am equally as certain that he has touched FAR more of us than the few who have commented!

George Carlin was a modern day visionary. His words and thoughts crossed over countless barriers. He could make anyone think or re-think a position. He was a bit crass and vulgar I admit, but when you got past profanity, there was a very real and very relevant message.  He was not afraid to say anything to anyone and he usually did. More importantly, he understood the human condition. The struggles we as humans face. He was not afraid to confront even our most horrifying fears and he did so in a way that let us laugh, sometimes nervously perhaps, at our frailties and our silly superstitions.

Carlin saw "god" in a very interesting way. He often likened it to believing in aliens and UFO's (exactly where many of my rants originate). He laughed at how society would readily believe in an "invisible man" in the sky yet would scoff at the possibility of alien life visiting our planet. He despised organized religion of any kind. It bothered George that people would blindly follow someone or something they could not possibly know with any certainty.  George liked validity and common sense. His thoughts on "god" are the standard by which I live my life and believe in what I do.

Carlin saw people for what they really are and he pointed out our shortcomings. Stupidity irritated George and he eagerly exposed it at every opportunity. Whether you were a "working Joe" or a CEO, George would let you hear it if you were stupid! HA!!!!!!!!!! I always loved that.

George Carlin was real. He was, in my opinion, above the nonsense and insanity that seems to permeate so much of our lives. He rose above it all and then grabbed it and shoved it back in our faces! George Carlin made us see that we are really just a bunch of guys, hanging around on a big rock, trying to make sense of something that is FAR, FAR beyond our capacity to understand. Accept it. Deal with it. Then, go have some friggin fun. That was what George Carlin said to me. Quit over-thinking it, man! You will never figure it out.

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