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[The Metallian] Wednesday, June 18, 2008 9:44:41 PM 

Defenders of the faith is my favorite album!Hench the name! I love AOR! I never did care 4 Painkiller even back in 1990 cause they were giving into the thrash scene and all Rob did on that album was scream!On the new album i had no clue to what to hear! Rob actuallly sings and sings well! 
And this new cd is awesome.I guess being open to all kinds of music i love this cd!I can see the die hard metal fans not liking this album!I love all kinds of music and being a big classical music fan this is right up my alley!It is totally amazing and being a musican myself and i play 7 different instruments this album rocks!
I love all the moods of this piece of music,this album is way beyond metal and it kicks ass!
It is sad that people limit all their life to one type of music!
I 4 one have a folk group and we sing folk music,but i have been a metal fan for over 30+ yrs!
Music is my religion!

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