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[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, June 18, 2008 3:43:34 PM 

Wow,.....whats there to think about??  I'm not bashing the new album,it is very well put together,and the track "Nostradamus" is a very great song....but the entire album is lacking in my opinion. "Lockness" from Angel Of Retribution is the only track I don't care for on the entire album because I simply just did not like the song but to add to was to long and kinda boring....thats how I feel about the new album.....its like one extended long "Lockness"  with only a track or 2 that are of supierior quality but get lost in the whole slowness and drama... in my opinion.  Painkiller is far better,so much more quality of song writting my personal opinion. Painkiller is Judas Priest's top 3 LPs in thier career. Nostradamus to me comes no where close. 

Here is how I would rate Judas Priest's albums.....

#  1. Sad Wings Of Destiny
#  2. British Steel
#  3. Painkiller
#  4. Screaming For Vengeance
#  5. Angel Of Retribution
#  6. Stained Class
#  7. Defenders Of The Faith
#  8. Hell Bent For Leather
#  9. Sin After Sin   
#10  Rocka Rolla
#11. Point Of Entry
#12. Nostradamus
#13. Ram It Down
#14. Jugulator
#15. Demolition
#16. Turbo


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