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Featuring the unbridled wit and wisdom of some of the metal world's brotherhood and keeping it REAL !!

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[acolyte55] Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:12:06 PM 
[guidogodoy] Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:56:06 AM 

The Boneyard's Worship The Priest Weekend Tomorrow 10/28 6 pm ET Boneyard: Sirius 38 | XM 38 This Halloween, you could dress up in a Zombie, Captain America or Charlie Sheen costume, but we recommend wearing a Boneyard classic ... leather! Judas Priest just released the group's new album, The Chosen Few, and we’ll play a lethal dose of leather-fueled Priest all weekend. Plus, hear from our special guests from the band Rob Halford, Glenn Tipton and Richie Faulkner.

[Budred] Wednesday, October 19, 2011 5:25:43 PM 
Thanks for the post. I'll be looking for that one.
This would have been good for the "Check This Out" thread.

I remember listening to Venom when I was young and they seemed so fast and thrashy.
Now they almost sound melodic. Not so much a change in them as much as a change in music
from then to now. Good stuff regardless.

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[Mr. Dave Genocide] Wednesday, October 19, 2011 2:25:56 PM 
Not gunna lie, but that was fuckin' BRUTAL!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by J.D. DIAMOND from Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:22:58 AM)
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:22:58 AM 
Brand new VENOM - "Punk's Not Dead" from thier new album "Fallen Angels"....

And a fuckin' huge "HELL YEAH" goes out to Mr. Lant for this gift from the originators and founders of "BLACK METAL". 

Edited at: Wednesday, October 19, 2011 7:24:38 AM
[guitardude] Monday, October 17, 2011 12:49:13 PM 
Check my post in the "making you happy thread"
Rob killed Blood Red Skies last night, the highs and all ! Don`t think they could have done that song more perfectly.
Judas Rising , Rob was a little off time with his vocals, one of the monitors by Ritchie kept vibarting out towards him and pinching his guitar cord and Glenn had one equipment issue during the  the Sentinel. Other wise damn good show man! Hell even Scottie grabbed a mic to talk at the end!
[painkillermd robinson] Saturday, October 15, 2011 4:44:41 PM 
The Priest rocked Corpus Christi October 14th. One of the best sounding shows I've seen. This one makes 5. Went VIP for the venue. Well worth the extra bucks. Suggest to others if you can... pay it!
Seeing the veterans playing with the new guitarist was like a before and after shot. This new dude blew the fucking walls down. Buried the needle. Thanks gentlemen for one incredible show!!
[Becks] Saturday, October 15, 2011 1:20:31 AM 
Great news that there was such a fantastic crowd!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by JayDee Jepsen from Friday, October 14, 2011 3:01:46 PM)
[guidogodoy] Friday, October 14, 2011 4:42:50 PM 
Fantastic! Thanks for the post!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by JayDee Jepsen from Friday, October 14, 2011 3:01:46 PM)
[JayDee  Jepsen] Friday, October 14, 2011 3:01:46 PM 
Priest rocked San Antonio, TX.  See the 3:03 - 3:15 mark, there's a wide shot of a packed, 10,000+ fans, AT&T Center!
[hellrider 31038] Tuesday, October 11, 2011 6:19:12 PM 

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[hellrider 31038] Friday, October 07, 2011 8:27:53 PM 













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[Painkiller87] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:03:05 PM 
GLENN TIPTON Says 'Epitaph' Tour Is 'The Beginning Of The End' Of JUDAS PRIEST - Oct. 5, 2011
Jim Beal Jr. of recently conducted an interview with guitarist Glenn Tipton of British heavy metal legends JUDAS PRIEST. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

On having JUDAS PRIEST songs covered by bands from SEPULTURA to THE DONNAS, from ANNIHILATOR to KREATOR:

"A lot of bands cite JUDAS PRIEST as influences. The best compliment we've ever had was our music is timeless. It's something to be proud of. But we've never really known what we're doing."

On the key to JUDAS PRIEST's early success:

"You never really know what's going to happen. I'd been in a lot of local bands. When it was suggested Judas Priest pull in another player, we joined forces. I immediately knew something special had occurred, especially as writers."

"It's all about the song. Visually, you have to look good on stage and you have to be good players, you have to rely on the guitar players to be good soloists, but there has to be a reason for that solo break to be there. It should be all about the composition, all about the song. The music has to complement what's already there. The song is the most important thing. A band is really only as good as its songs. Every now and then, with a combination of writers, we struck a chord with listeners. We've always been proud to be a metal band, but the songs are easy to relate to. But you can't pat yourselves on the back and say you deliberately wrote these songs. We've recorded 17 studio albums and performed for millions of people and we've always evolved."

On founding JUDAS PRIEST guitarist Kenneth "K.K." Downing's decision to leave the band and Downing's replacement, Richie Faulkner:

"Ken was having a lot of problems with his wrists. He was really struggling on the last tour. When he decided to retire from the band we were pretty much in shock. We waited three months to see what would happen. We decided if we could find the right guy we'd go on. We contacted quite a few guitar players. Richie stepped into the band and it's like he was always there. He does the essence of what Ken did, but in his own way. It's been wonderful, really, but nobody wanted to see Ken go."

On JUDAS PRIEST's twin-guitar work:

"That's also something that's evolved. It's obvious when one takes a lead guitar break, the other backs him up. We worked very hard throughout the years and it evolved. We always wanted to experiment. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't."

On JUDAS PRIEST's current "Epitaph" tour:

"With 17 studio albums, we decided to play at least one track off each album. This is our last world tour. It takes 18 months to stage a world tour. After 40 years, we decided it's possibly time to pull back a little bit. It's not absolutely the end of the band. I'd say perhaps it's the beginning of the end."

Read more from

[Maple Syrup] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 2:07:00 PM 
Let me just add that I saw the Big Four at Yankee Stadium recently and Slayer was the best band there. Metallica was decent at best, tired setlist (still 4 songs from the b
lack album), no dusted old relics whatsover and they are showing their age big time. They werent very tight, played 4 ballads too (ho
hum) and you could guess which song was next. The other thing with this big four crap is there tour schedule is US one night, india in three days from now, playing back in SF in middle of october. Finally, Hetfield is still on a big ego trip saying metallica will be around forever, when in fact they are deflating quickly. I wont be back to see them anytime soon. Decent show, nothing great especially from Metallica, who is overr ated. MpleSyrp  
[.] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 11:07:34 AM 
 There are a few albums from a few bands I need to pay some more attention to: from Priest it's Nostradamus and Demolition, from Metallica it's Death Magnetic and St. Anger. I haven't paid much attention to Megadeth's stuff since ...shit, a decade. I don't think I ever paid attention to Slipknot but I might give it a listen now, they've been around for a while. The band that the guys from Priest endorse, Hostile, seems very good (as expected) so I might dig in to what they're doing. Never heard Lauren Harris stuff either, so I guess I'll dump it in my "to listen list". 
And then there are a ton of bands that mercifully don't sing in English and now I've discovered Mongolian traditional singing too. 

Lou Reed is hardly the worst that is out there, musically and Lou Reed sounds strange in the best of times. He looks weird too. But it's ok. He does the same Euro festivals that Metallica, and a host of other metal bands do too. 

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Budred from Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:09:47 AM)
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 7:36:24 AM 
Lets face it,with all this band has been through in the last 5 years they are still going strong with live shows but the tank is almost empty Budred. This new album is going to either going to polish the name of Judas Priest or tarnish it.  I can't wait untill its out,I just hope the song writting is up to par beings K.K. isn't part of the magical trio song writting this time around but my fingers are crossed.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Budred from Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:09:47 AM)
[Budred] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:09:47 AM 
I'll be honest. I don't think I gave Death Magnetic a chance because I've hated everything they put out since
the Black album. I really couldn't say whether I like it or not. At one time I thought Metallica was the only band
out their that could rival Priest. Now I just hate them. Then I watched The Big Four dvd and saw how bad James
sounds live and now I have no interest in them whatsoever.  That clip that JD posted I don't know how to take.
The music part of it sounded like it might jam but the spoken word part from Lou was a little strange. If they do
release that I'm glad they're going with a name change. It might make it a little easier to accept for Metallica diehards.
I hate bashing Metallica because I loved them so much at one time. I kept hoping they would turn into a metal band
again but after St. Anger my hope turned into hate. Sort of like what's going on in my mind with Priest right now.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by . from Tuesday, October 04, 2011 5:53:53 PM)
[J.D. DIAMOND] Wednesday, October 05, 2011 5:08:03 AM 
Hell I'd be wonderin' the same thing too lol.

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Head banger from Tuesday, October 04, 2011 10:12:46 PM)
[Head banger] Tuesday, October 04, 2011 10:12:46 PM 
ah, good then.  if you liked load over AJFA I would wonder what was in your bong
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by J.D. DIAMOND from Tuesday, October 04, 2011 3:24:51 PM)
[.] Tuesday, October 04, 2011 5:53:53 PM 
I have to say, Budred, I'm not very familiar with Metallica's work as of late but I heard one of their songs on the radio a few months back and that was from Death Magnetic, I think. I turned the AM radio on and this Metallica I never heard was blaring and good.  I remember asking if this was some old Metallica release I was that surprised.  Decades ago, when the Black Album came out, I liked it. Very melodic. Metallica always put out some great melody+speed. I don't think I like Master of Puppets like I like Ride The Lightning, which is the album that introduced me to this band. 
I have come to respect Metallica for reasons such as giving credit to the bands that inspired them in more than words and hollow tributes. 

When Metallica goes, it will be very sad indeed.    [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Budred from Tuesday, October 04, 2011 4:24:17 AM)

We don't need no education
We don't need no thought control

Teacher, leave those kids alone.

Edited at: Tuesday, October 04, 2011 5:56:07 PM
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