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[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, October 04, 2011 3:24:51 PM 
Head Banger,I never said And Justice For All was "worse than Load of shit" (lol) I said I hated EVERYTHING after   ...And Justice For All wich I actually don't even like that album but although its the worst LP of the 80's for Metallica it still beats the shit out of  The Black Album,Load,Reload and everything up till now easily. 

Once this Loutallica stuff....or "shit" I should call it is out there it might be of some use for you perhaps but not me....unless somebody gave it to me free so I could smash it in pieces and slice the neck of the individual who is retarded enough to listen to it lol!

Budred yeah I know your a "NU" metal fan,I fucking hate "NU" metal and if thats the only thing left in the future to listen to thats new,then fuck it all....I'll just listen to old metal,I'll never open my mind up to anything else. Your a metalhead.......I am an old school traditional metalhead that hasn't astrayed away from the original metal ideology or aesthetics and yes I do think I'm cool for thinking like this (lol!) because I defend the old school ways only HA!  We are just two different kinds of metalheads.

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