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Any Iron Maiden Fans Here?
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UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!


[Goliath29] Thursday, October 22, 2009 5:00:03 PM 
 Not Here no.
[Svartving] Thursday, October 22, 2009 3:43:34 PM 
Oh well... I've been an enthusiast of Maiden for many years, but since I know early Priest albums (especially Stained Class, Defenders Of The Faith, Sad Wings Of Destiny and Hell Bent For Leather), Maiden sliepped back to the 2nd place... 'Tis does not mean that I'd not love Maiden any more, but Priest is simply enormous!
[destroyer0604] Wednesday, October 14, 2009 9:37:51 AM 
ive never compared the two. priest is my favorite. maiden's a respectable 4th after metallica and megadeth. ive never considered maiden a contemporary of priest. id more compare priest to sabbath or deep purple or other bands of the 70's. priest's contribution to metal and music is pretty significant. so is maiden's, of course.
[Izzystone] Tuesday, October 13, 2009 5:24:52 PM 
I love Iron Maiden, and they are my second favourite band. But Judas Priest are the Metal Gods!
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, October 09, 2009 3:52:05 PM 
Yeah I remember some of that attitude,but here in Seattle back in 1985ish...there wasn't much of a "war" going on between the two bands,everybody cellebrated metal and were into lots of bands,but I still remember "some" of what you are talking about,just not very much of it was going on over here. We all looked at true metal bands as a team for heavy metal.  Judas Priest has been,is and will forever be my favorite band even if they never snap out of thier non-metal drought.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by RockaRolla1 from Friday, October 09, 2009 3:37:28 PM)
[RockaRolla1] Friday, October 09, 2009 3:37:28 PM 
I love Iron Maiden but is anyone as old as me (38) and you remember where it honestly was two seperate camps arguing for hours as to who was the better band? Priest or Maiden. I remember us metal heads there were about 8 in my neighborhood-- timing to see who could hold a note longer, arguing about guitar riffs, and while we had knew both bands were great-- we would battle. I was always in the Priest camp, Screaming for Vengeance and Halford to be recognized as the true genius. When I got older  I finally had no problem simply saying they are both great. But Priest is still my numbe rone. Oh maybe I haven't changed :)
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, October 09, 2009 3:56:52 AM 
Yeah as I've said many times,the only 2 tracks I do not like off the album are "Different World" and "Benjamin Bragg". The other 8 songs are new/age progressive a little bit but still they managed to have captured the true Iron Maiden classic sound as well. The 8 songs remind me hints of Piece Of Mind and Powerslave throughout the album. Very good.
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[FaDe To BlAcK] Friday, October 09, 2009 1:28:38 AM 
In my opinion iron maiden and judas priest a bit familiar:)
[LadyRider] Saturday, September 12, 2009 12:55:20 AM 
Just can't stop listening to A Matter of Life and Death at the moment. Can't get enough of it even though I've had it awhile I'm going through another phase it seems! You know how it gets.
[TampaMetalChick] Saturday, August 22, 2009 7:04:24 AM 
I'm probably going to get a lot of people mad at me here & get blasted, but here it goes. I love Priest & have listened to them longer since they've been around longer (starting listening to Priest in '75). But I love Maiden too (starting listening to them in '80). I would say they are both my favorite bands. Both can be heavy & have riffs that could split your skull, both can have songs that are melodic & beautiful musically & vocally, but there is a difference to me. Just a different sound & different feel to them.
[spapad] Saturday, July 25, 2009 6:19:23 PM 
The orginals did it the best of course!
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[british.steel] Saturday, July 25, 2009 6:15:18 PM 
Its obviously not the same exact riff but they sound alike...i have to admit i definatly prefer Iron Maiden's the wickerman over Priests Runnin Wild.
[hellrider 31038] Friday, July 24, 2009 9:25:00 PM 
[british.steel] Friday, July 24, 2009 2:11:46 PM 
HAHAH! J.D. thts hilarious. LOL
[Painkiller87] Friday, July 24, 2009 2:06:51 PM 
I've been a Maiden fan for a couple of years with all of the albums except the Blaze Bayley years. Still have yet to see them live though, I really want to so bad.
[ariel_nightshade] Friday, July 24, 2009 12:31:27 PM 
ive been a fan of iron maiden almost as long as ive been a priest fan. theyve done some huge hits, and with my being partial to british metal bands, it's a no-brainer
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, July 21, 2009 10:20:48 PM 
LOL! Yeah its pretty funny dude........LOL!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by gangryl from Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:08:53 PM)
[gangryl] Tuesday, July 21, 2009 7:08:53 PM 
Ok, THAT one just gave me a bout of twitching.  Of course, had to share -  forwarded to my brother, who's a huge IM fan, and also, coincidentally, the one who pointed out to me that the lyrics to Green Acres fit to Purple Haze, and the lyrics to Gilligan's Island fit to Stairway to Heaven.  Figure it serves him right...
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by J.D. DIAMOND from Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:48:28 PM)
[Return_of_Darth_Painkiller_0870] Tuesday, July 21, 2009 5:44:55 PM 
Into the valley of death rode the 600.  Canon to the left of them, falling on thunder....THE TROOPER!!!!!!!!!
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, July 21, 2009 4:48:28 PM 
Here ya go british steel....Iron Maiden joined with The Monkees and re-recorded The Trooper just for you!! LOFL!!
[british.steel] Sunday, July 19, 2009 6:13:07 PM 
Old maiden and New maiden are amazing, cant wait for the new album in late 2009 or early 2010!
[Dan the fan] Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:12:18 PM 
Woops, new to the site and just offensed my own message during exploration,LOL........
[Dan the fan] Sunday, July 19, 2009 5:08:51 PM 
Adian Smith is one of the badest guitar players there is. If he were to join K.K. and Glen, Priest would be HELLATIOUS !!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by pip from Monday, June 01, 2009 7:24:46 PM)
[Dan the fan] Sunday, July 19, 2009 4:54:44 PM 
I have been a Priest and Maiden fan for alot of years. Both bands have albums that are totally excellent all the way through, and albums that only have a few really great songs. I have talked to people that have seen Iron Maiden with Judas Priest in concert, and said Iron Maiden was better by far, believe it or not. If you have lost interest in Iron Maiden and havent heard any of thier new stuff, you need to check out " Brave New World" c.d., IT ROCKS!  The new "Mater of Life or death" c.d. is almost as good. But the "Dance of Death" c.d  is substandard for lack of using a better word out of respect for the band. I personally like both bands equally. LONG LIVE PRIEST AND MAIDEN !!
[priestrocker2] Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:33:00 AM 
Iron Maiden's first 4 or 5 albums were really good then after that they all started sounding the same. The solo's sound like the one's they have played over and over. I like their old stuff but lost interest in them when they got the 3rd guitarist. IMO I don't think you can compare them to Priest.
Edited at: Sunday, July 19, 2009 10:33:57 AM
[Becks] Sunday, July 19, 2009 3:18:14 AM 
Heya Magpie, welcome to the boards! I like the way you wrote this, and I agree totally - metal doesn't have to be about dumb stuff (as many non-metal fans seem to think).
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Magpie from Sunday, July 19, 2009 12:02:09 AM)
[Magpie] Sunday, July 19, 2009 12:02:09 AM 
Iron Maiden was the first truly metal band I ever saw live (although Anvil opened for them so I guess technically the first metal band I ever saw live was Anvil).  I liked Iron Maiden for the same reason I like Judas Priest--because they made it cool to be both intelligent and a metalhead.  People tend to overlook the fact that the metal bands from the 'eighties that stuck around and kept their audiences were the ones who didn't make it a habit of insulting their fans' intelligence and glorifying stupidity in both their music and their behaviour.
[Shegdude] Thursday, July 16, 2009 5:33:11 PM 
I agree that Maiden and Priest are equal yet different. I love em both. They are definitely my top 2 favorite bands. Another crew you might want to check out is Dream Theatre...
[randib] Thursday, July 09, 2009 12:53:16 AM 
Maiden in my favorite band of all time, listening to Sun and Steel right now. Saw Flight 666 April 21 in the theater and it kicked ass. I love Judas Priest too , but Iron Maiden has had a special place in my soul for the last 21 years
[Jeanine] Tuesday, June 09, 2009 9:45:23 PM 
Unfortunately you will find some Maiden haters here or maybe they think Maiden is being called better than Priest which is impossible. To me neither band is better or worse, only different. They are just so different to be called better or worse. I say, have your cake and eat it too. Enjoy both bands.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!! from Monday, June 08, 2009 8:14:23 PM)
[british.steel] Tuesday, June 09, 2009 12:44:21 PM 
Iron Maiden is my favorite band ever!
Flight 666 was awesome and i cant wait until their new album after the summer!!

[dunkcrg] Monday, June 08, 2009 9:11:23 PM 
Back in the day -1980's- when Maden and Priest would sell out a concert in Denver in half an hour, I was lucky to see concerts from both bands saveral times. And though Maden always put on a great show, I will take the DOUBLE AXE ATTACK  of KK and Tipton with the unpresidented vocals of Rob any day. The only other vocalist that even came close to Halford was Ozzy.
[~ MG_Metalgoddess~] Monday, June 08, 2009 8:22:46 PM 
Yeah my thought exactly...  Up the IRONS...  and bring on the British steel!!!!!!!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!! from Monday, June 08, 2009 8:14:23 PM)
[Dime/UNDER BLOOD RED SKIES!!!!] Monday, June 08, 2009 8:14:23 PM 
Strange question here, what Priest fan isnt a fan of Iron Maiden?
[spapad] Sunday, June 07, 2009 11:45:34 AM 
I did catch it Jeanine! Thanks!
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Jeanine from Sunday, June 07, 2009 7:56:57 AM)
[~ MG_Metalgoddess~] Sunday, June 07, 2009 9:40:52 AM 

Dammit,,,  It didnt air here in Canada,  Or if it did I didnt get it with my dish network package... But I didnt see it  listed anywhere,,,,   They are usually a day late and a dollar short here,, prob be on in a week or too...

UP THE IRONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  


[Jeanine] Sunday, June 07, 2009 7:56:57 AM 
shoot, sorry Spa, I did not see your question until this morning. Did you catch it? It was on around 11:00 pm here.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by spapad from Saturday, June 06, 2009 9:43:35 PM)
[spapad] Saturday, June 06, 2009 9:43:35 PM 
Cool Jeanine! What time?
Nice pic KitKat!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Jeanine from Saturday, June 06, 2009 9:42:29 PM)
[Jeanine] Saturday, June 06, 2009 9:42:29 PM 
drool, drool, drool....Thanks Kit Kat!

Hey everybody, VH-1 is playing the movie Iron Maiden: Flight 666 tonight.
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by kit kat from Saturday, June 06, 2009 6:03:53 PM)
[156555464] Saturday, June 06, 2009 6:03:53 PM 

The greatest bass player
[156555464] Saturday, June 06, 2009 5:45:25 PM 
[pip] Monday, June 01, 2009 7:24:46 PM 
I got hooked back in the 80's ( the best decade )--when they did the video for Flight Of Icarus--I've been a fan ever since
[priest rules the world] Monday, June 01, 2009 1:21:22 PM 
[devils_child] Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:09:24 PM 
Keep em comming hun!!!!! Love maiden! ... love Steve... *rarr*
  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by chileansteel from Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:07:43 PM)
[chileansteel] Saturday, May 16, 2009 10:07:43 PM 
[makvstrom] Saturday, May 09, 2009 2:05:37 PM 
[devils_child] Friday, May 08, 2009 5:02:40 AM 
Glad you liked it hun, take a look back though the womens thread if you already haven't there's heaps more Maiden.... Oh and if you want to talk anything about them just send me a message

Ok who saw Flight 666 other than me?..... God damn it was awesome!!

  [Show/Hide Quoted Message] (Quoting Message by Coilerine from Monday, April 20, 2009 9:39:34 PM)
[MARK IN THE DARK] Friday, May 08, 2009 4:40:15 AM 
gee i cant spell time for bed suns up.
[MARK IN THE DARK] Friday, May 08, 2009 3:19:03 AM 
preist preist preist...........................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[catcrimsongirl] Thursday, April 23, 2009 3:24:30 PM 

Love Maiden!! I always loved Bruce's range. That man can sing!

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