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Username [Hellion the Demonic Lich] 
Name Boris Royo 
Occupation Azalin (Lich King) 
Location 138th level of Hell 
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Date Joined Thursday, September 13, 2007 
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Comments In my 18th year I graduated from Jothium the school of wizardry on the planet of Kiutrynn, seeking all knowledge pertaining to life, and death. Healing, and Necromancy were my schools I studied under. For many years I adventured throughout the worldly planes fighting for causes I saw were just, and right. It was during one such adventure that I came upon a magical gate (a teleportation window that leads to other planes of exsistance). Stepping through, I immediately emerged into a plane known as Hell to most of you Earth dwellers. My passage was not allowed by the gatekeeper, for I had not sinned enough, and was not dead. I could have walked away, but seeing the golden opportunity before me, and the knowledge of the afterlife (at least one side of it), Fate managed to solve both problems that very moment. I attacked Hell's gatekeeper, and managed to commit murder, but not before his blade found my heart. It took me years to realize my body was slain, for I simply passed from one state to the next without notice. As it appeared to me that Hell's gatekeeper merely stood back up, and suddenly changed his mind allowing me to pass through the gates of Hell. There I spent 10,000 years in servitude to Orcus Lord of the undead, watching, serving, learning, and plotting my escape. Upon becoming powerful enough to challenge Orcus, I fairly defeated him, and slayed the foul Demon Lord on his own realm. Buying me 10,000 years of freedom, before he will return. With all the knowledge I have gathered over all that time...I now know my limits of power, and that is in the number of souls I must obtain to serve me, the more the more powerful I become. Upon defeating Orcus, I took his place in the heirarchy of Demonic rank immediately gaining control of his realm, and the souls he had collected. Now...many years later I find it's boring just sitting upon my throne...I think I'll go, and raise some Hell!!!!!! HAHAHAHA 
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