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Username [Phantom A6] 
Name Michael Ruße 
Occupation Self-Employed 
Location Han(n)over (Germany), Bradford (UK) 
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Date Joined Saturday, January 6, 2007 
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Comments Hi, my name is Michael, I'm 47 years old. I'm a metal head and a die hard fan of Judas Priest for over three decades since 1978. I'm a fan of Hamer guitars. You can see it on my nickname. The Hamer Phantom A6 is my fav guitar model. I'm coming from Germany and I'm born and living in Hannover, Germanys famous "Hard Rock City", hometown of the Scorpions too and I'm switching between Germany and Bradford, nearby Leeds, Yorkshire, UK. To contact me: [email protected] | [email protected] This is a Billy-Boy free zone!! And now it's a KIT KAT free zone too!! For Norman, Darryn & "Friends": Thanks for your ignores, 'Cause it's a honour for me!! Date joined: Saturday, January 06, 2007  
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