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Name Dave Casserly 
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Comments Gotta thank my dad, who has seen Priest numerous times in the '80s, Painkiller tour in 1990, and then I got to see them numerous times once 2004 came around with him. He got me into this music, and I have never regretted it. First picked up a guitar when I was 12, but wasn't really sold with the idea, and never could get lessons. Now, drumming came natural to me. (Long story as to how I picked it up...) Taught myself everything and have never had a lesson, besides countless hours watching "Memphis '82" and "Priest... Live!" on VHS, listening to every CD and Vinyl. Losing so much sleep, but learning everything I needed to to master my skills on drums. Also picked things up once I was 16 (Simon Phillips DVD from the '90s, Zeppelin DVDs as well, for example) and got into a few bands. The bands I have been in were really, really talented, but never got to play live (sadly, the first band I was in, the bassist committed suicide...) I did have the opportunity when I was 17 to join a Judas Priest cover band (Electric Eye - based out of Minnesota) but didn't have transportation, money, job, etc. etc. Too much to write...  
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