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Comments JULY 27 2008 A DREAM COME TRUE! The Meet & Greet! For us when we got closer to the front of the line you can start to see some band members. I first got to see Rob and KK as we got closer. My heart was pounding. My order was Scott, Glenn, Ian, Rob then KK. I don�t know how I was able to keep it together but I did. As I walked up to Scott I gave him a big hug, then hugged Glenn, then Ian, Rob and KK. As I was hugging them my hubby was following behind me getting my Mega Metal cards sighed. After I hugged KK I turned to Rob and handed him the bag of necklaces I made for them. He took it and said OHHH Cool, thank you. Then I went back to Scott to get my Judas Priest Legal Tender Real USA dollar bill signed. I had a protective clear cover over the bill and forgot to take the bill out. Both Scott and Glenn signed the cover and not the bill. Luckily I noticed before it got to Ian. I remember Rob saying �We need to make sure we sign the bill� and it went back to Scott with the cover off. While they signed I was clinging to Rob the whole time. I remember rubbing and patting his back and telling him I love him. He said �I love you too� His voice was so soft and sweet. I hope I never forget that moment. I also got a �We love you too� out of KK. I might have told him a couple of times too. Some of it�s just a blur. I mostly stayed between KK and Rob. After they all signed the bill someone said �picture time.� Everyone scramble for a moment, the flash went off and the next people were up. THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE!!!! 
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