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Username [chiefmegadeth] 
Name Shae Mcfadyen 
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Comments Im a 29 year old Male metalhead... I love the Judas Priest of course, MEGADETH!!!! I love 80s Metal/Thrash/Speed/Power/Melodic death Megadeth/Judas Priest/Iced Earth/Sepultura/ Arch Enemy/Pantera/Black Sabbath/ACDC/Slayer/Keator/ Iron Maiden/Cavalera Conspiracy/Guns & Roses/Steve Vai Kiss/Savatage/Anthrax/Ozzy Osbourne/Van halen Sum 41/Grave Digger/Gammaray/Slayer/Death/Dokken Cradle of filth/Dungeon/Vaticide/System of a Down/ Queensryche/Vanishing Point... So many to list so ill leave it at that.Also like Rock,Blues,Jazz some country Keep it heavy 
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