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Comments Brian / hard up as Iron is so filled with envious hateful rage that his attack is relentless in that he keeps checking my profile and uses one of his many accounts to set my points down below the line every time it pops up. The admin will not remove harassing offensive posts, so I will have to remove this account. I donít think like him and donít reside in that paradigm, his harassment will never end; watch out for this guy his is crazy, I have seen him he looks like an overweight weird Al Yankovich with a touch of Al Franken glasses and all, he hates himself and abuses everyone around him. Names he has triangulated with that I have detected over a year now are: Brian Evans, Hard up as Iron, and Mental meltdown. Furthermore, to what I said earlier, just be careful of that Hard as Iron Brian Evans guy, because if he becomes fixated on you he is just totally obsessed with his hatred for anyone he canít control that he will use any of his dozens of email and Priest accounts every day, and sometimes several if that is what it takes in order to put points against anyone that trips one of his psychotic episodes.. This guy is clearly crazy, has no life at all and considers himself as inferior. He might pretend to be a female or whatever for the purpose of luring you out in order to kill you, beware, he is obsessed and a classic mentally disturbed individual; read his emotional tirades, and you will see it.  
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