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Name JOHN  
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Comments I'll Shred till I'm dead. Thrash till I'm trashed. I play a scalloped Fernandes pro 81 Guitar with built in sustainer, Boss GT 8 guitar effects processor, and a Fender modified amp. My tombstone will be the Devils Tuning Fork. Priest songs will be played at my funeral. I'm inked for life with Priest on my forearm And now recently also have autographs of Rob,KK,and Glenn tattooed around my tattoo and will get Ian's and Scott's this summer during the tour. I've been listening to Priest since I was 11 and that was back in 1976 and I will be an old man in a wheel chair with Priest blasting through my headphones. I won't say I'm the #1 Priest fan because there are many of us out there, But I will say I'm one of the top 10. LONG LIVE JUDAS PRIEST DEFENDERS OF THE FAITH 
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