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Comments Well well well... I'm a fan a Judas Priest since 2003 when I discovered the songs Turbo Lover and You've got another thing comin' on a compilation CD! My favorite band at the time was KISS!!! Now it's Judas Priest since this day and It will be my favorite until my Death!!! I'm just 20 years old and I'm a student in Middle-Age History at the university of Liège in Belgium! I play guitar on my own for 3 years! My favorite album of the Priest are Painkiller, Angel of retribution and Unleashed in the east!!! My favorite member is KK. Downing! I'ma also fan of band like: Saxon, Armored Saints, ACCEPT, Black Sabbath, WASP, KISS, Mötley Crüe, Twisted Sisters, Helloween, Edguy, ACDC, Europe, Metallica, Megadeth, Rammstein, Overkill, Motorhead and a lot of other band!!! 
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