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Comments I am originally from Corner Brook Newfoundland Canada which is an Island in the North Atlantic,it is the farthest East in Canada and North America. I am a Cytotechnologist which means I look for and diagnose Cancer,I look in a microscope all day and I get to listen to my discman. I am also a musician and play guitar,mandolin,bouzouki,bodhran,and i sing. I am in a trio here in Regina and we sing lots of folk music,I love all types of music. For metal nowadays I listen to a lot of European Black Metal bands and a few Death Metal Bands also! On May 25th 2011 Judas Priest went from my number 1 band to bottom of the list! I don't listen to them anymore but come in here to read how some ov me buddies are doing! I love winter and the nighttime! I am not one of those beach laying in the sun people! Winter nights with the snow fallin and outside for a walk listenin to my MP3 player are what brings me peace and recharges my soul!  
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