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Username [Palmer Griffiths] 
Name Palmer Griffiths 
Occupation Steel Shop Labourer in Edmonton Alberta 
Location Cape Breton Nova Scotia Canada/Now Devon Alberta 
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Comments Hello I've been a member on the board for a while. I just recently started visting a little more because I was computerless for a while because I was in the process of moving from the East coast of Canada to Alberta in the west. I'm a big Priest fan and Metal fan in general. I play guitar write lyrics and riffs etc. and hoping to eventually record my own stuff some day.I'm into drawing and writing stories as well. I've written a few books and short stories but never really published anything. I'm into history as well especially subjects such as world war 1 and 2 etc. Anyhow hope to hear from some fans on this site and perhaps be able to correspond with..Cheers! 
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