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TOPIC: How to get European/UK 2014 concert tickets?
[seventongueXXX] Monday, May 05, 2014 9:04:04 AM 
How do I get european/UK tickets if I'm in USA? Haven't found any websites for those.
TOPIC: "Redeemer of Souls" track
[seventongueXXX] Monday, April 28, 2014 5:55:53 PM 
I like it. The guitars sound super cool. Not a great deal of Rob. Definitely heavy metal. Sounds like Faulkner overdrives his amp pretty good with the overtones.
TOPIC: KK Downing is still playing guitar
[seventongueXXX] Monday, July 08, 2013 4:43:23 PM 
Well, they can't make an album w/o Downing. I know that much. He didn't like the management? The band should ask Faulkner to participate in songwriting but step aside for the good of the band (and play some rhythm guitar on tour). And Faulkner can take solos in concert on the songs he helps to write.
TOPIC: KK Downing is still playing guitar
[seventongueXXX] Monday, July 08, 2013 9:37:29 AM 
Wonder what he thinks that JP is working on a new album thanks to Faulkner (according to Halford)! Bring him back! Maybe they can work out a 3-guitar band where they alternate with solos. Then everyone's happy.

And why exactly did Downing quit in the first place? He never revealed that.
TOPIC: More Priest coming?
[seventongueXXX] Monday, July 08, 2013 9:21:42 AM 
"Judas Priest’s Rob Halford Talks ‘Epitaph’ DVD, Upcoming Album, Five Finger Death Punch" (, June 3, 2013)

"we’ve struck gold with Ritchie because everything that he’s put forward towards the brand new Priest record that we’re working on right now is just sensational. We’ve got some exciting, heavy things being put together over here in the UK in the studio and we can’t wait to get that out – probably, hopefully next year. In fact I’m pretty sure it will be next year, metal heads and Priest fans, there will be some more Priest on the way."

I could have kicked myself for not going to the last tour, for God's sake!!!
TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[seventongueXXX] Sunday, June 05, 2011 2:24:20 PM 
This isn't a Judas Priest tour just like the VH tour wasn't a VH tour. KK Downing should suck it up and finish this leg of the Judas Priest legacy for the fans. He hasn't even touched upon the grievances he has - he owes that to the fans. I was going to go to a show but it's not worth it now. And if they make a final album w/o KK it's not a Judas Priest record. Patch up the problems and get on with things.
TOPIC: KK Downing Has Retired
[seventongueXXX] Saturday, April 23, 2011 4:49:37 PM 
He needs to be more specific why he quit. They announced that they were doing a farewell tour and they started booking dates. That's why he should let the fans know why he wants to leave. Personally, I didn't expect a lot out of them when they reunited cause they were up in age - maybe one mediocre album. I was surprised that it's come to this because all these guys have really matured as people and seemed to be real comfortable with each other but on the other hand I was surprised that they could handle all of the touring and stress over the last few years. They have it tougher than the aging Rolling Stones because the songwriting is more complex, they're playing at super high volumes and they're playing metal which requires a little more energy than all of these other aging "rock" artists. Next: Nostradamus was one of the worst theme albums I've ever heard. (1) A theme album needs to be entertaining even moreso than a regular album (2) It needs to be dynamic. It's a big borefest - it's like a really bad storybook. Lastly, if any one member of the band quits at this stage it would just be right to call it over. I'd rather have that than see four members try to limp thru a farewell tour w/o an integral part of the band. KK and Glenn have their own styles and sound and no one else can reproduce or mimic what they do.
TOPIC: KK Downing Has Retired
[seventongueXXX] Friday, April 22, 2011 3:56:33 PM 
Downing: "There has been an ongoing breakdown in working relationship between myself, elements of the band, and the band's management for some time."

Why is he so cryptic? "Elements of the band". What exactly does that mean? Come out and tell everyone exactly why you refuse to go on and give Judas Priest a proud ending! There can't be a Farewell tour without KK Downing - NO guitarist is going to feel comfortable trying to hit Downing's licks/solos and it's not going to sound like Judas Priest.

And HALFORD knew all about this before Christmas!!! So he's been lying! Before and after Christmas he's been talking about this huge Farewell Tour and album and he knew all along that Downing had trouble with it all!

And Management is to fault, as well for not fixing this.

The whole thing stinks to high heaven.
TOPIC: Next Priest Studio Album
[seventongueXXX] Monday, December 20, 2010 1:50:02 PM 
I always thought Hell Bent for Leather was their best album - many different tones, fantastic mix, sounds really live in the studio. Retribution was incredible and "Demonizer" and "Hellraiser" were insane Priest tunes. I think Defenders, British Steel and others could have been out of this world if they opted for some different guitar tones and nixed the annoying drum machine sound (Ram it Down, etc.). Sad Wings really set the standard for Heavy Metal songwriting, playing and vision. I hope the last album is insane. (Are the Japanese CDs going to feature extra songs like they always do? I never figured that out.)
TOPIC: Farewell Priest
[seventongueXXX] Thursday, December 09, 2010 12:27:20 PM 
Maybe they'll pull a KISS and have 6-7 farewell tours. Rob and Priest have much more energy left in them. A couple more albums, please! I don't care if they tour after the next one but I need some JP.
TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[seventongueXXX] Sunday, July 05, 2009 5:11:59 PM 
Rob Halford has to pace himself when he sings live. He has to conserve energy. He's got to make sure that he lasts until the very final note. He's got the hardest job out of all the other guys. He does a damn good job and I thought the last DVD was fantastic. "Painkiller" is enough to rip your vocal cords.
TOPIC: Judas Priest to play all of British Stel in 2010
[seventongueXXX] Friday, May 01, 2009 4:52:56 PM 
If I die after attending a Judas Priest concert that would be a great way to go. Either that or after having sex with Jessica Simpson.
TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[seventongueXXX] Tuesday, April 28, 2009 1:42:17 AM 
Do you get Pre-sale tickets only by subscribing to Ticket Rush? That's what it seems if you go to LiveNation. How come JP doesn't explain Pre-sale tx details on this site? LiveNation blows. I didn't realize that Blockbuster made this deal with LiveNation to promote this Tour! Fat cats and Corporate blowhards.
TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[seventongueXXX] Saturday, April 25, 2009 3:19:21 PM 
Is JP playing Merriwether Post Pavilion MD (Aug. 22)? And Chevrolet Theatre CT (July 5) sold out? Neither venue lists any tickets or concert date.
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