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TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Thursday, September 04, 2008 12:54:13 AM 
 OH DEAR GOD DEE!!!  THOSE PICTURES ARE FREEKING PHENOMINAL!!!!  i saw the one you all were referring to with Glenns hair, looking down, as if he's you know...doin the dirty.   and my god, the pics you got of ian!!!  all of them!!!  jesus.  im in sensory overload here.  glenn looked so amazing, ian was so happy, rob was in tip top shape.  i would love copies of the ones of us in the loose caboose and the playboy club, if its ok?  i would be forever grateful.    

jeanine, had to laugh about your comment and papers to i believe about the laundry.  my couch is overflowing right now.  have another load getting ready to come out, and a kid that still needs to go to bed.  eeesh.

TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Thursday, September 04, 2008 12:35:30 AM 
 jeanine!!!  wowza my friend!!!!  i am LOVING the pic of rob with the flag around his neck.  it's almost poetic you know?  and holy hell, that shot of Glenns know.. my lord woman!!!  thank you so much for sharing these.  i know when the crowd split to head down to the floor, and your guys's side was stopped, we were so worried you all wouldnt be up front.  i wanted so much for you to experience it.  and it was amazing ladies, it was amazing.  i know, i wish i could've enjoyed ian and glenns great moods and skillful playing on our side to.  but we have these pics to enjoy and get an idea.  i could tell they were having a blast though, and i knew when they were interacting with you all.    and YES, i'll be posting my pics as soon as i can.  have to get the damn things developed.   and i took my freeking phone to the Tmobile dealer, and wanted to know what the hell was the matter with it, and why i coujldnt email my videos to myself.  the only way i can transfer them to my computer is to get a stupid memory card.  i have this expensive UPGRADED phone, and i can't even email videos to myself!!!!  my cheapo one i had before sure as hell could.  anyway, so that to is gonna have to wait until this weekend when i can buy one.  paper, sweety, i can't wait to share the KK pics i got.  i just hope they are good.  i've got photoshop so i can fuss with them and tweak them a bit.  

TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 8:48:49 PM 
 QT that is so freeking coooool!!!!!  wow, something of you on thier beautiful skin.  i love that!!!  i can't wait to see the pics posted!!!!  and the videos? have any of you seen those yet? BWAHAHAHAAA!!!  uhm, Rob is QUITE the director. and the guy that Doll and i were talking to before we headed up to the Playboy club, he's in the videos!!!!!  we met him after the show, he had a huge tear in his jeans, right near his crotch, and well, being the person i am, i had to comment.. and then he proceeded to stand there and tell Doll and I of his adventure of flying on the very plane the guys were on!!! we got to see the picture Ian was signing in the video!!! he was such a nice guy to.  kept staring at my boobs.  BWAHAHAAAA!!!  DOLLS TO!!!  he was gonna give us his passes to the Playboy club for a couple other people if we needed them.  anyway, how fun is that?! 

TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 2:45:46 PM 
 WOOO HOOOO!!!  (waves madly at janet) hiya!!!  sooooooo glad you signe up!!!  

[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:57:48 AM 
we wished you were there sweetheart, we took some pics with a sign for those that werent with us physically, but you were with us in spirit.    and thank you. i can't wait to read the others review.  the setlist was the same, but with the addition of "sinner" and "messenger of death".  but oh god they looked amazing!!!!  they all looked healthy and happy, an amazing feat considering how long they've been going at it this time around. 


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TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:49:57 AM 
happy birthday Dee!!!  you still on cloud 500?

  *sigh*  i miss you guys.  i MISSSSSSSSS you guys.  jeanine, dee, mara, victoria, paperflowers, bev, doll, janet, (who needs to get her butt signed up, hint hint) you were my highlight.  i love the guys, i love them to bits and pieces.  but you were all the thing that made it what it was.  yes the show was fucking phenominal, yes they sounded like the Priest of old, and yes, they were sexy as hell!!! but with you all there? sharing in the moment with me?  made it a memory i will cherish forever.  i wish i could've said goodby to you jeanine, dee, janet and bev the next morning.  mara, i lost it after you and doll drove away, i had to go back into the casino.  i still feel as if a part of me is back there.  how crazy is that? and now, when i see your posts, like we said up in the PLAYBOY CLUB!!  AHAHAHAAA  i hear your voices.  Doll, sweetheart, words cannot express my grattitude for giving me this experience, for without you, i would never have been able to attend.  you are an angel without wings, and i thank you from the bottom of my heart.  

ladies, i've seen a preview of the pics to come, and uhm..yah.  you WILL be.   Dee and jeanine got some freeking MOUTH watering shots of Glenn.  oh dear metal god, and the pics that Doll got of the mighty one?  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! jesus..and i'm not talking about Rob!  im talking about his not so little friend!!!  (wipes hand across brow) but she got some thigh sweating shots of Rob to.  and KK's butt!!!! (thanks again for that one) and as soon as i can figure out how the fuck to get it off my phone, i'll post the "sinner" solo.  oh god girls, oh my freeking god.  it was like the best sex i ever had, but without having cock, watching him play that right IN FRONT OF ME!!!  IM STILL in a state of shock and awe over that one.  THAT moment alone was priceless to me.  but the show was full of so many other wonderful moments.  Rob was a GOOF! he was in a great mood, all of them were happy, and so ON it was amazing.  beeing able to see KK's tummy and chest up close is always a religious experience, and well, his "naughty bits"  which are only accentuated in those tight leather pants of his.   that was me..BWAHAHAAAA!!! i only wish that glenn and ian would've been over on our side even if for a moment.  Glenn usually switches briefly, but it didnt happen this time.  and god damn he looked amazing!!!!  i could tell when he was interacting with the girls over there on his side, his smile said it all!!!  Doll and i were on KK's side towards the middle.  

i look forward to seeing the pics guys!!!  would love copies from the loose caboose, and the playboy club if you could.  and as soon as i get my pics developed, i'll get them up to.  and Freeze said he'd be on when he can, but that he wanted you all to know he loved our time together, and that it was one of the best times he's ever had.  and not just the show!  

hugs to you all

Edited at: Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:51:22 AM
[judaspriestess] Wednesday, September 03, 2008 11:26:19 AM 

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEee  HEEEEEEEEE...AHAHAHAAA!!!! vegas so KICKED ASS!!!! JEANINE!!!!  I HEAR YOUR VOICE IN MY HEAD!!!    as Jeanine said, the guys were freeking fantastic.  Another new thing was Rob had a very uhm..."Spinal Tap Moment" similar to say, "Stone Henge" LOL.  he was pushed out on a "Metal Throne"  i had to laugh, but it was so damn fun, and it was ROB! so it was perfect.  ok, so when KK did the solo for sinner?  picture him, the classic 80's KK, that classing footage of him from Judas Priest Live, and you have the idea, only multiply that times 10.   that was me...i was on fire, he was on fire, he melted me.  i know my mouth was hanging open, because i remembered to close it at one point.  and all of us ladies were on the rail btw, so we had THEE best view ever of the guys.  when KK did that solo, he was right in front of me.  i've got it all on video, but have to figure out how the f to get it off my phone!!!! it wont let me email it to myself, so im getting a bit perturbed.  and by all, i mean the solo. LOL. not the whole show.  the guys were in a great mood, Rob was vocally, so fucking good.  he hit notes that i've not heard him hit since the 80's and 90's!!!!  there were times when he reminded me of the fuel for life show.  oh dear god, and when they did rock hard ride free, and eat me alive?  i was a gonner.  oh god.  it was so good.  they were so good.  

LOL, the night before when we all met at the Loose Caboose, ( i still say its a fitting name!) Freezies princess had purchased sharpies and poster board for us.  (thank you again sweetheart!!!) so we all set about making our signs for the show after we had eaten.  we were all there.  we get to the venue, and nope.  gotta hand over the signs!!!   so now what?  well, we get in there and Doll has the paper tickets printed, so we used the silver sharpied and the backs of the tickets to make a couple signs anyway. bwahahahaaa!!!  well, she made one that said "Sinner" with an arrow pointing down, so when you hold it over your head, you says your a sinner.  well, we held it up, and Glenn read it, and nodded his head, pointed and basically said.."yep, we're gonna play that tonight:"  AHAHAHAAA!!!  IT WAS AWESOME. though, we weren't requesting it!  anyway, it was amazing.  freeze can attest to the fact that we were all on the jumbo screen numerous times.  they kept showing my shirt i'd made apparently.  my eyes were locked on the blue eyed one, so i didnt notice.  though at one point, i did stretch it out when the camera guy was in my face to show it off.  KK read my first sign, laughed and i think pointed.  (doll? clarification?) he read the second one and said "Thank you!", smiled at some "cleavage" i was showing though i didnt see that, i looked away, but Doll says he did.  then he reached out and took my hand at the end of the show, after he came to the front of the stage to read my shirt.  he liked it.   

i am hoarse, i have whiplash, and my heart is heavy.  not like the metal either. LOL.  i miss the girls, so much.  we had a glorious time.  LOL, after the show was over, picture this....a bunch of 40 50 something metal heads pooring out of a venue, INSIDE the casino full of NON metal heads, screaming, HOLLERING, CHANTING, "PRIEST PRIEST PRIEST".  it was so freeking crazy!!!  all through out the casino, the hotel, you could hear us, hear the call of the Priest.  god damn, it did my soul good.  


TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Monday, August 25, 2008 7:58:11 PM 
happy birthday to the metal god, may it be full of wonderful memory making and merry making.  usually one and the same. 
 Doll?  if you dont answer your phone, i know what KIND of merry making there will be going on.   i cannot tell you how happy i am you finally got to meet him.  it was destined eh? 

TOPIC: sinfully delicous
[judaspriestess] Sunday, July 27, 2008 4:18:33 AM 
my dear sweet jeanine, i was just looking at those myself, and nearly swooned!  Valient, hello there!   i agree with you, leather does smell so lovely.  jeanine, don't those pics seem reminicent of the early days?  KK especially?  the choker.  i saw that and my jaw dropped!  he's looking hot as hell.  and Glenn's hair!!!  im actually loving it in these pics!!  Ian?  my god, he looks bad ass as ever.  love how he holds his bass.  and of coarse Rob with that metal god presence backed up by Scott's bone crushing beats! and i'm loving the new leathers for the guys.  Glenn and his red.  he looks amazing in it.  i found my self wanting to nuzzle a certain "area" of KK's that shows up quite nicely in these pics.    and uhm, the guitar? the white one with the K's up and down the neck?  i want to lick it!!! 

hugs laides!!!

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TOPIC: Discuss Judas Priest Tours
[judaspriestess] Sunday, July 27, 2008 4:13:03 AM 
oooooooooooooo..thank you so much for the setlist!  dear god, my heart.  EAT ME ALIVE? ROCK HARD RIDE FREE?! my legs are shakin now.  oh my.  THAT is glorious!!!!

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