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TOPIC: Judas Priest saved my dad's life
[Amalthea] Saturday, February 23, 2013 5:40:30 PM 

So, my dad (who's turning 72 this year) was really depressed. As his only child, I was really conserned about him. He lives alone and we barely see each other. But one day my husband and I invited him to see a friend's metal band show. When the show ended he just asked me "What was that????". And that is how my dad was introduced to metal. Funny thing, he was in a rock and roll band back in the 50's, the first rock and roll band in Mexico actually. But he gave it up when he started Med School. Basically, he missed the last 40 years of music.

So, he discovered metal, and started listening, searching... Judas Priest became his favorite band in the whole world (believe me, he has posted EVERY SINGLE VIDEO he has found, has Tshirts, records... everything). Of course we took him to the Mexico City concert from the Epitaph World Tour. It was his first rock concert and I swear, I hadn't seen my dad SO happy since I was a little girl. His life was changed. No more depression. He is even composing music again and planning to record it soon. 

Thank you Judas Priest, for saving my dad's life. 

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