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[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, October 11, 2019 5:04:12 PM 
@guido,.... Yeah man I'm all moved in here, actually we live exactly on the border of Colorado and Nebraska,but technically live in Venango Nebraska... I can walk 5 minutes and across the border to Colorado...Ha! Denver is like just under 2 hr drive from here... Venango Nebraska is very peaceful,it's like Andy Griffith and the town of Maybery or however it was spelled lol Yeah nice trees in the town, every yard cut nice and smooth old houses,rocking chairs on porches and everyone is friendly, everyone knows each other and there is no drama lol. Victoria is cook at the bar and grill in town and I'm just getting used to everything. Not sure yet what I'm gonna do but she's got the bills covered so I can pretty much do anything... Maybe I'll fly out to TN and guido can land me a seasonal job in exchange for a trip to the Rockies lol.
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