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[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, June 12, 2018 6:08:41 PM 
$$$ money??? What is that? I guess I make it but never see it and never get to use it unless it's on bills lol At work at the moment on my birthday? Yep. Only working half day ....i should of just used a full vacation day ha! Oh well.... Only working 4 hours today hurray!

I've also been listening to Judas Priest's discography minus the 2 Ripper shitty logo albums. I've got a marathon going from this weekend I'm on British Steel at the moment. I'm diving in recapturing the moments I had when I first got them,and re-studdying them every song,every note. Every Judas Priest album is like the birth of a new born child to us here. It means THAT much to us. Anyways thanks for the BD props!
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