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TOPIC: What are youo listening rigt now?
[Head banger] Saturday, April 14, 2018 10:22:49 PM 


 Concert review finally.  Did not have time while in Denver.  To busy hiking.

Did not think I would like BSR, but they were good.  Crowd was half there (Thin Lizzy in Calgary for Epitath played to maybe 500 by the end of their set)  more energy

Saxon was good also.  Sound quality where I was could have been better, but they were good, first time seeing them

Priest was great.  They figured out the sound quality issues.  Richie seemed to spend a lot of time very far left on the stage.  made photos hard.  I think Ian wants to play behind the curtain.  He hardly moved from his spot.  came out and headbanged with andy a couple of times.  Andy, Richie and Rob got headbanging together a few times.  Scott was very into it all.

Rob sounded good, cant do the notes in painkiller, which is not new, and one song (I forget which one) he seemed off key the whole song, but it was a good show.  New stuff sounded spot on to me

Rob didnt introduce anyone in the band, which I thought was odd.  

If this tour gets this way I will go see them again.  Glad I went, Denver is a nice area, got some good hiking in also.

hope you can see photos here.

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