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TOPIC: What are youo listening rigt now?
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, April 13, 2018 8:32:02 PM 
Acolyte.... what a joke huh? The only GOOD thing is i think when we got screwed with our accounts so did those 2 stupid fucktarded assholes flick my boogers and his fat idiot who worshiped him. Fuck off to those 2 fucking dumb fucks....this place has been NICE without them. I'll bet they are floored they can't log onto the forum .... only can read what us TRUE Judas Priest fans are saying.They were anything BUT fans of our favorite band. Fuck those 2 fucking idiots.No more.

Firepower is so great of an album it's so close to Screaming For Vengeance....maybe not AS GOOD but does it really have to be? No. Not to mention it's almost utterly impossible to match that album even WITH K.K. Just love every track.... Glenn's slide guitar solo in Flame Thrower is absolutely kick ass bad ass and fucking brilliant! It's so Tipton it's great....all his solos...

First main solo in the middle of Evil Never Dies
The entire solo on Never The Heroes
The 2nd trade off solo on Necromancer
The 2nd solo on Children Of The Sun
The 2nd solo in Rising From Ruins
The 2nd slide guitar solo in Flame Thrower
The entire solo in No Surrender
The first main solo in Sea Of Red


Plus dual harmonies solos with Ritchie in
Lightning Strike
Traitors Gate......

A big fuck off to those out there who think he's not on this album!
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