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TOPIC: What are youo listening rigt now?
[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, April 03, 2018 2:36:08 AM 
@Head Banger ... ya know I think I may of jumped a little too far in saying that Firepower is equal to any classic Priest album only because somehow I forget that one element is missing from the album that might of pushed it into equality and changed it a little too for the better ...... "K.K.Downing".

(Caught up in the moment perhaps?)

Maybe so BUT the album IS right behind Classics though,so damn close to albums like British Steel,Screaming for Vengeance,Defenders of the Faith and Painkiller... A.O.R. ..... it's so close to these group of albums it's uncanny. Ritchie's solos are incredibly excellent for JP. Yeah this album is defiantly standing tall along side those albums very very closely especially without K.K. Downing which is pretty impressive.
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