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TOPIC: ++++ The Priest Cafe ++++
[Budred] Wednesday, March 21, 2018 7:57:06 AM 

As Bud strolls down the street he looks up and notice's a sign hanging on an old haunt that he used to like to visit. He was going to keep going but decided to stop and have a look inside to see what's up. He noticed it's kind of quiet now but still a few regulars around just hanging at the bar having a discussion. Bud was going to approach and join in but decided it would be best to just observe and listen. No need to interject himself. He noticed on the sound system that the new Priest was playing. He smiled to himself thinking that no one here would believe that he thought this might be their best album yet. Bud holds up his drink and unknowingly to those still around sends cheers from the back of the Cafe. He finishes his drink and quietly slips out the door unnoticed.


...still my favorite thread. I miss this. Take care.

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