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TOPIC: CDs You Have Purchased Recently.
[Nupe The Ripper] Monday, January 08, 2018 12:18:45 PM 
Just preordered Firepower from my local record store. I picked the "deluxe" CD version, which was two euros more expensive although the tracklist seems to be the same. Perhaps the packaging is a bit nicer.

Also went to the used CDs section and found the somewhat rare two-disc (CD + DVD) version of Angel of Retribution - I've been meaning to get it for a long time to supplement my standard single CD edition and finish my collection of all officially released live material. For just 12€ I think it was a bargain, especially as it counted towards my regular customer points.

To round up the order to a number which gave me a few stamps to my customer card, I also got Rainbow's debut album, Twisted Sister's Club Daze Vol. 1 and Uriah Heep's Look at Yourself (2 CD deluxe version).
Since my previous update in this thread I ordered quite a number of CDs during last spring as the record store had a number of good deals going. In order of artist, not date of purchase:

Diamond Head: Lightning to the Nations (2 CD deluxe)
Dio: The Last In Line and Sacred Heart (both 2 CD deluxe)
Iron Maiden: all studio albums from the self-titled debut to Fear of the Dark, plus Live After Death (all standard CDs)
W.A.S.P.: first four studio albums (all deluxe versions)

Yup, finally decided to break my semi-boycott of Maiden and got all the classics in one huge order (they were on a 50% discount after all).
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