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TOPIC: ++++ The Priest Cafe ++++
[Vaillant 3.0] Wednesday, September 13, 2017 9:54:02 PM 
*looking through an empty glass that once held rum and coke*

So...say that you are told about getting a higher position at the company you work for. You are put in touch with the manager, and go through a phone interview with them. You go through the specifics of said job, answer a few questions, and at the end of the interview, feel that you would be more than capable of completing the tasks requested by this position, provided some training was done. During the waiting process, your co-workers tell you things along the lines of, "Oh, you've got this one in the bag." "You'll definitely get that job." "An email from HR? Hope it's a 'Congrats!'". NOW? It turns out you didn't get the job after all. Hell, you didn't even get to the in-person interview.

This position was offered to you on a fucking SILVER PLATTER! How much did you actually have to FUCK UP for it to just slip away like that??

......and that was the question to myself early this morning upon seeing that rejection email. I failed not only myself, but my co-workers. Heh. Well, guess all those trolls were right. I am just one special type of LOSER.

*slams head against the bar*
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