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TOPIC: Metal Blah Blah Blah
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, November 16, 2016 12:35:52 PM 
Ya know, HB, agreed that they DO sing well and it is really cool when I have a huge bonfire going in my backyard at night but that is really when they come out. Dusk. Wish I could comply with photos but they are easily spooked. All OVER the place here as are deer (counted up to 25 trotting down my driveway and jumping the fence into the field across the street from me but, as you know, they travel in closer groups. They coyotes do not. They make larger circles and, by the time I can get a camera out and zoom in on one? They bolt. All around here, though. So much so that I have to watch the little dogs at dusk lest I lose a rat terrier! Hell, Jake, the beagle mix is even at risk should they gang up on him! Even heard tales of the spotted hawks that fill my trees taking off with smaller dogs. Doubt that they could lift the smallest I have but we area a migratratory point for the bald eagle along the Mississippi too. THOSE are big suckers and too cool to see flying around in the wild. There is a sanctuary for wounded ones close to here and I love to visit when time permits. Earthquake formed the lake (Reelfoot Lake) that draws them near. Look up that lake sometime. KEWL! Shaker that got the Mississippi to flow backwards for weeks in the 1800s!

I'll try (as I always do) for the coyotes (or "cowts" as they pretty much pronounce it around here) but, while they are everywhere, time of day and the way they travel make catching a pic REALLY hard! Had one sneak up on me while I was burning scrub from my yard and didn't smell me as I was more in the line of the smoke. DAMN close but, of course, spooked him when I tried to grab a camera. Howeled all the way as he ran. KEWL experience, still....

Want a bunch of deer? Just let me know. Got tons. Come up from the field at dawn and down in the evening and sometimes in the middle of the day. Never tire of taking shots of those. Rarely males as you can hunt her as I am in the country. Whitetails and spotted babies.

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