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TOPIC: Metal Blah Blah Blah
[guidogodoy] Friday, November 11, 2016 2:47:07 AM 
"Gobsmacked" as we were here, Becks. I don't think a soul saw this coming. Still, people are really sick and tired of being sick and tired here. Obama spent four years blaming baby Bush for everything under the sun than the next four doing basically nothing. "Obamacare" was a disaster and the "protests in the streets" here are by predominantly white, young, employed rich kids. You do NOT see the old "line workers" who lost their jobs due to NAFTA out there. Republican sweep of everything from Presidency and the other two main "checks." Am I happy? No. Would I have been happy with Hillary? No. All polls reflect my opinion. Not a sould was happy with how we ended up with these two losers. One was a loon and the other was an entrenched politician who had no new ideas to bring to the table. As I said, I am glad to be in an "it doesn't matter" state. That, in itself is really screwed up. Outsiders think that the USA is a Democracy? HA! We are a Republic! That is why we have "swing states" that determine who wins. It is NOT an "every vote counts" system here. We vote for someone who votes for us. Electoral College. Just a screwed system. That is why I can vote for Gumby and my vote would still go for Trump. It was a vote of discontent with "politics as usual." It was a message to Washington that most here are actually poor while we are off fighting wars and sending jobs while unemployment is sky-high here. Still the politicos keep their salaries and benefits and vote year after year to send them higher. Lost track of how much we owe China now. 

Hey, I voted....for Gumby. Hope you are cleaning out a bedroom for me! I am NOT happy by any means. Would have written the same had Hillary won. Just a screwed-up system here.

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