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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, November 06, 2016 2:17:12 PM 
@guido... I hear ya bro. I rate Redeemer Of Souls #4th best Judas Priest album of all time with Sad Wings,British Steel,SFV ahead of it. I dont know why so many fans dismiss it because of production... to me the production could of been better but its not a bad production,it's more raw than bad.

From these last 2 years I've just noticed there are more negative reviews/opinions about the album than there are positive. Just an observation that puzzles me. The negative feedback might as well be saying that the album's quality is equivalent to the Ram It Down album. I think ROS is lightyears better than R.I.D. ?? You see what Im sayin... Idk ...

As for Halls Of Valhalla, lol man the fact that you hate this song is SHOCKING to me,it always has been lol. Its all good bro man,but even the massive negative reviews/opinions about the album,those pretty much ALL still liked H.O.V lol! I cant find one other negative opinion about H.O.V. either ... lol but it is what it is... To me Halls Of Valhalla is in the top 10 best JP songs of all time,I just absolutely love this song.

March Of The Damned is the other track you hate.... I wouldnt rate it better than Halls Of Valhalla,but I still like this track very much,reminds me of British Steel material like Metal Gods & The Rage... it doesn't sound like Ozzy to me,or remind me of the walking dead...I suppose if it did I wouldn't like it either lol.

But if you take away H.O.V & March Of The Damned... 11 tracks left,I dont like all really,thats the only song I dont like off the album... take away Metalizer... 10 songs left of great Judas Priest material.

How can so many metal fans over look this album I'll never know,especially when EVERY metal fan in the world always tunes in with massive anticipation for a new Judas Priest track... It'll be an unsolved mystery.
Edited at: Sunday, November 06, 2016 2:29:53 PM
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