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TOPIC: Random Facts Thread
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, November 04, 2016 11:03:33 PM 
Below is one of many reviews of the Redeemer Of Souls LP.

I'd guess approx. 90% of reviews for the album are very similar to this review below and most fans of the band could easily write this review of the album. A pretty harsh review like most are of the album.

Even though I rate the album #4 best JP record out of 17 albums,I've also been well aware that Im in a 10% group of Judas Priest fans that rate the album this high,as people that arent Priest freaks wouldn't make it through the whole album.

No matter WHAT I may think... The "FACT" is that the quality of Redeemer Of Souls' material along with it's poor production issues created by Glenn Tipton (although I believe the production isnt AS BAD as people are making it out to be) ... Redeemer Of Souls is a "failure".

This being said,I don't think they can top Redeemer Of Souls,if they do it wont be good enough even for the die hards. Should Judas Priest NOT record another record,and just give us another fairwell tour? Perhaps even a show with K.K. ...and then RETIRE from recording & touring?
I almost think they SHOULD record the last album and only show us the album cover and song titles and keep it in a vault,just keep it a secret and spare the poor reviews lol.

...guido? spa? Becks? Head Banger? acolyte55?

Edited at: Friday, November 04, 2016 11:34:17 PM
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