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TOPIC: Pro Sports Quorum
[J.D. DIAMOND] Friday, September 23, 2016 1:21:49 PM 
Hails to the New England Patriots!!! Patriots 27-egg!! J.Brissett 3rd stringer along with Belichick's "swarming defense"(smiles) fucks up Osweiler know,the QB that they paid $72 million dollars for? Laughing out fucking LOUD!!! Ha ha ha ha ha!

Sorry Patriot haters,but the Patriots are still the best team in the NFL ,and once again the team to beat...

Fucking A...Bill Belichick is HANDS DOWN THE BEST COACH TO EVER COACH IN THE HISTORY OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE!!! Anyone who denies his brilliance is fucking fooling themselves out of pure stupidity and pure JEALOUSY.

Roger Goodell can FUCK HIMSELF for unfairly giving Brady a 4 game suspension,because in 9 days the Buffalo Bills are gonna get thier ass handed to them on a platter and will push the Pats to 4-0 on the year....

Tom Brady will come back week 5 in Cleveland cracking his knuckles and yawning with a nice 4-0 start....

Goodell just gave Brady 4 weeks to rest and avoid injury. Piece of shit Goodell is shitting himself right about now along with Patriot haters. Lol.

Good luck trying to beat New England in the playoffs...ha ha...Super Bowl bound!!!

Edited at: Friday, September 23, 2016 1:24:38 PM
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