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TOPIC: Moment Please...
[Head banger] Friday, January 15, 2016 7:55:07 AM 
I get where you are all coming from with lochness. its just too damn long. all it needs to be a good track is some scissors. as a 2:30 song it would be fine.

JD, Revolution sucked as a single, it doesn't stand alone well, but it blends into the album. I was amazed that it sounds good on CD, after listening to it and hoping the rest of the CD sounded that way.
ROS just has this sameness to its sound. I dunno why, I cant get into it. That said, it kicks the shit out of book of souls. I like a couple of ROS tracks, but just not enough to bother getting into it. Kicks the snot out of Nost though. That I dont need to hear again.

Oh, interesting tech aside, my trick of opening a new tab to reply, not working.
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