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TOPIC: The Vacation/Travel Thread
[guidogodoy] Wednesday, December 23, 2015 6:53:22 PM 
On a similar note, DAMN, did I run into some weather here. Fuckin' TX (you know who I blame) had some shit weather that forced the plane to take a northern pass over Michigan! Drive to get the pets was almost the making of a YouTube vid as flash floods / tornados hit all around. BTW, no, Vail. That was NO fun! Still, I see the same idiot(s) must be posting as I have 117+ messages with only 30 getting through! Screw you, fucktards. No time to waste on you. 

Paris is amazing this time of year. Last night (today? hard to tell after a 10 hour+ flight, then connection in Dallas....that I won't speak smack about only because of Guitardude who has been a great friend), I stumble across a free Xmas concert at night in Notre Dame! Gregorian? Pipe organ? Full choir? FREE?!? I've been there many times but was just trying to catch the metro back when I stumbled across a line of people waiting late at night. Absolutely amazing. Started just as I arrived and I stayed for the entire performance.  
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