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[J.D. DIAMOND] Tuesday, July 21, 2015 3:43:45 PM 
 Judas Priest to enter the studio in January to record the band's 18th studio album and to be released later that year blabbermouth article says coming from Rob....he says the band can't aford to wait 3 years or longer for the follow up to Redeemer of Souls. THAT is excellent news...

Not sure if its goods news to those who thought the Redeemer Of Souls album was just "MEH".

I say that because although the next lp will be different it wont vary too far away from Angel Of Retribution and Redeemer Of Souls ...

Whats funny is that if Judas Priest just released Defenders Of The Faith RIGHT NOW and not in 1984, hearing it  for the first time fans here would rip this album to shreds in negative comments lol so true. Freewheel Burning would get a pass as a great track....the Sentinel would get an "ok" and the rest of the album would get an F.  

I would be the odd man out usual.....
But think about LOVE would get a worse thrashing than March Of The Damned gets (wich is a simple masterpiece and not a walking dead rip off or whatever) Rock Hard Ride Free is a good track but would get the worse reception by far lol

So true but blah....whatever.  bring on a new Priest album anyways...maybe in the future they will create a time machine so we can go back to the 80's to fans that would LOVE Redeemer of Souls, A.O.R.  and a new album.

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