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TOPIC: The Vacation/Travel Thread
[guidogodoy] Thursday, July 09, 2015 11:23:53 AM 
Doin' well, Auntie B! Even better now that I see a post from you.

Yeah, the current trolls ARE flooding the site but a couple of ignores puts everything in the background. One has already been banned once and re-invented herself and the other seems to have no other pasttime than flicking his boogers! Yup, same ol' same ol.' Watching Wimbledon are you? LOL! Mom at least? Give her my regards, as always.

A pleasure to read you, my friend. As HRMG stated, we ARE still here Defending the Faith against the two resident trolls! About off to drive 8 hours to see Priest (I'll leave tomorrow for a Sat show) and then off to Brazil again like a day or two after I make that 8 hour drive back! Hey, look at this! Using the "Vacation" thread to actually speak about vacations!!!! Un abrazo. 

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