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TOPIC: Question about Halford & KK
[HOT ROCKIN' METAL GODDESS] Saturday, July 04, 2015 11:01:15 AM 
Thank you for proving to me that you are the disgusting, stupid person that I thought you were 666ozzypriest666. You and Snot Man DESERVE each other. A guy that will spam a forum but is "too shy" to actually speak to you on the phone. WOW, you really ARE THAT DUMB aren't you???? Still no apology for accusing me of giving Rob a BJ and asking me how he tasted. You are a waste of oxygen. PISS OFF already and LEAVE like your numerous posts say you are going to do!! But like other trolls before you, you say you are going to leave over and over again but you never do!! We have all had enough of you and Booger Boy. YOU and SNOT are an EMBARRASSMENT to JUDAS PRIEST!!  This is a PUBLIC forum, ANYONE can log on and read what you are writing. Do you really think it looks good for the band that YOU are constantly posting your disgusting sexual "I can F all night if I want to" and how horny you are about Boogers????? You are STUPID if you don't realize that numerous articles written about Judas Priest cited this very forum and what the fans were talking about and our reactions to things. Just because people do not POST here, doesn't mean they do not READ your BS!! You are a sick pig and everyone sees you for what you are. Give Judas Priest, the band you CLAIM to love, the RESPECT THEY DESERVE and stop posting about your love of Boogers and your sexual needs! Do you think they would ever want to meet you after knowing what you have posted on their forum???!!!! HELL NO!!!! You say they run away from me? HAAAAAAAA!! Nope! But they will run away from you if they find out who you are. Hell, Glenn already ran away from you, you even admitted it! HAAAAAAAAAA!!!
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