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TOPIC: Question about Halford & KK
[guidogodoy] Friday, July 03, 2015 6:09:33 PM 
Why is this such a surprise? Blinded by what a multitude has said against him only to have you attack US? You have ONE friend here and 11 ignores last I looked. You missed earlier battles (yes, Snot was involved) in which members ignored us, were banned, came back, ignored us and were banned again, etc. All counts how many FRIENDS you have here. To date, you really have none as Snot doesn't count. We asked you before to take it underground and PM him instead of public posts. You refused. Let me guess....because he wouln't answer anyway! Instead, you drove all the hardcore members underground who still contact me and a number of others. Too many PMs about what a disgusting person you are with your lewd language and sexual references. So, who is to blame? As I say, PM the guy. See what you can do without contaminating every thread on this site. Won't be shocking to see that he is not one to respond as quickly as we are now.

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