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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[guidogodoy] Saturday, May 16, 2015 6:28:28 PM 
HAAAAAA!!! J.D. Break out the big metal balls for some solid "peening!" LOL!!!
Yeah, just rotated back home and am catching up on this convo. What didn't you like, though? "Burnin' up? If so (to tired / lazy to backread now), I'd defend that one. "United" and that other crap, though? Whomever with the bad English and all in colored CAPS that I read while abroad. Hmmm. Seems to know you and the board. Gee wonder who zat idiot could possibly be?? Ah, certainly a newbie. Especially one who goes by the new "ALL CAPS" of Ozzy_Priest bs. Wow, Shitty English, likes Ozzy, thinks everything Priest does is gold but prolly has seen them once or never in their lifetime. Makes me scratch my head.

Oh, BTW, I wanted to be called "Turbo_Lover!"   Guess you'll have to call me "The Rage" (kinda sounds like I should be in U2?" eh?) living on the "Island of Domination." 

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