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TOPIC: Something making you super happy!? Say it here.
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, December 23, 2014 7:23:45 PM

Step #2: Airing of grievances.

I am SICK of the two shitheads using this Priest site as if it were! You are insane and, as previously noted, all one-sided. Flicking Boogers could care less about you Trix and YOU are a jaded loser with a poor grasp of English and don't realize when people are taking advantage of you. I saw a post where you said that people offered to "fuck you" all the time? HAAAAA! THAT is your claim to fame? Hope your kid sees that some day. Pond scum.

Flicking Boogers. Quit leading her on. We all igonore both of you for a reason. You are not honest and, as also previously said by many, you post any shit you see on FB (not as bad as the loony Trix) to what extent? Screw up the site? You are also something I wouldn't even bow down to scrape off my boot. Quit leading her on. She is obviously too jaded to notice that you are just playing with her emotions. Again, this is NOT a dating site. Something to say? Say it in private and do the new members who don't have you blocked a favor. Neither of you have friends. There is a reason. You are both boorish.
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