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TOPIC: Redeemer of Souls Tour
[guidogodoy] Tuesday, October 21, 2014 12:37:42 PM 
Here here! Agree 100% with all your comments! Worth EVERY dime for the travel expenses / tiresome commute to see Priest at the Fox!!

On the way back to the airport, Mom asked me to rate that concert against all the multiple ones I have ever seen. Honestly? While I can't rate them accurately, that HAS to be at the top for many of the reasons you mentioned below. Everything Louisville was NOT! Beautiful venue, as you said, warm and SEATS! Very respectful crowd as you say and getting four out of 5 to sign?! Having Ritchie point at me as I was calling HIM the "Devil's Child" whereupon he smiled and threw me a pick?! Holy crap.

I did manage to get the pix / vids from my bro. Already previewed "Hell Bent" and it came out great! I'll give you that the mic on the iPhone 6 is a hell of a lot better than on the earlier models. I didn't take any vids but the sound from row 5 would have blown out my camera's mic.

Damn, I am still on cloud 9! Being there for a fantastic show with you two and my bro made it all the more memorable.

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