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TOPIC: "Redeemer Of Souls"
[Budred] Tuesday, July 08, 2014 12:35:49 PM 

Had to post one more, ...there's two discs.

Two of the songs I really didn't care for, "Tears of Blood" and "Bring It On". Not terrible songs just not quite me. Both discs are finished up with ballads. "Beginning Of The End" (disc 1) I like the vocal style and the guitar sounds really good. I think it makes a nice contrast to the rest of the CD. "Never Forget" (disc 2) I don't like the vocal style as much and reading the lyrics it's too damn sad. I'm probably taking it the wrong way(1 listen) but it sounds like a farewell to the fans and for someone who has listened to them for almost 35 years and saw them countless times it's quite crushing to think (even if I suggested it myself previously) that they may soon hang it up. Lastly (for now), for a total of 17 tracks and for not liking only two of them I would have to say that this CD is pretty badass. Once again THANK YOU!!! JUDAS PRIEST!!! for such an awesome CD. I can be proud again.

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