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TOPIC: Something pissing you off? Say it in here..
[J.D. DIAMOND] Monday, June 02, 2014 3:10:24 PM 
Reading other idiots shit comments doesnt hamper making up my own mind about what and what not to like from these 2 and a quarter songs released for us to hear so just pisses me off,thats all.

When this new album cover kicked in,along with the title track ( this Redeemer song sounds like classic Priest Budred,not saying you should like it,but it fuckin doesnt sound like a Rob solo effort,that is something your ears hear ) it reminded me of 30 years ago when Defenders was gave me that "feeling" again....untill I started reading all these negative comments ....including yours Budred.

Now,I definately agree with HRMG when she said she got so pissed she just had to stop reading comments alltogether. With this being the last Judas Priest album,Im going to harken back to the old days when there wasnt an internet with comments.

I dont NEED to read comments on any site and nobody NEEDS to hear my comments as well.And I dont need to read comments on here either.
Fuck it all!! Im dropping out off the internet for the summer....Im taking this summer to enjoy the Redeemer of Souls album,and after this post I wont have a look to see if anyone responded,wont have a look at any fuckin bodys comments on any other site as well.Maybe around October,November I may have a look then.

Take care all the "true Priest fans". I'll catch up with you winter time,untill then...Head Banger,HRMG,Becks,Guido ect....hope the album turns out awsome for you guys. Bye.
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