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TOPIC: + Introductions [New Members post here]
[TeaPartyJim] Thursday, April 17, 2014 2:06:14 PM 
Geez, guess I don't have enough lame "Respect Points" to post anywhere interesting, so I suspect this will be ignored. Is anyone else pissed off at the lame "More to be revealed shortly" message that has been dangling here for days with no other news? As usual, Priest is being mismanaged. You don't tease with an announcement like that and let days turn into weeks without at least something to indicate a timeline. Great band. One of the best. I certainly don't blame the bad. I blame poor management. "Please remember, that anything we deem to be offensive may result in your account being banned." I wonder if my post qualifies? Let's see if they find the truth offensive. LOL. Feel free to email me oh master of what is offensive.
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