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TOPIC: Weather report.....
[Budred] Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5:53:25 PM 

We've been having some crazy weather around here. It was -10F this morning. Near 50 last week. I was riding around in my work truck today freezing my ass off, toes were hurting, legs were cold, but I was loving it. I got to see a few things not normally seen around here and I try to find beauty in all the seasons. It was so cold this morning that all light sources, (poles, headlights, etc.) were shooting beams of light straight up into the air on top of what ever direction they were pointing. I've seen it before but not very often. When you saw multiple lights it was a really cool effect. Especially with the mist from the cold air. Can anyone explain this? Also got to see blue ice. Not alot but tints of it here and there. I've seen that before also but again not often. It's actually quite pretty to look at. I live next to the Ohio River. One of the bigger rivers in the country and it rarely freezes over. It's about 3/4 frozen and looks awesome as hell. I haven't seen it like this in more than a decade. Lastly I got to see something today that I didn't even know existed. They're called "snowrollers". I guess a rare weather phenomenon that needs several things to happen for them to occur. An icy surface, a layer of snow, really cold temperatures, and high winds. The winds catch a piece of snow and blows it across the ground. It collects snow and looks like rolled padding or thick white blanket. Some are real small, some pretty big. Some say they are like snow tumbleweeds. I'll post a few pics.

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