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TOPIC: The Imaginary thread
[guidogodoy] Monday, July 22, 2013 9:25:26 PM 
HAAAA!!!! Apparently, Trixi's extensive research (aka. stalking) of the name "Eggert" led her to the "Wiki-fact" that it is a male name from the North. 79 chose that name in Denmark (watch it...someone from Sweden would take offense) and 9 from Sweden. Thus, her proof. Eggert isn't a fake name.

A few posts below, she asked if s/he was from the South. I think she needs a map. Better yet, a grip on reality. "Eggert" is so full of shit and, in my mind, abusing the mentally and emotionally handicapped. Should be in Ag Seg. and let the homies deal with him. 

As I don't see Trixi ever getting a grip on the reality of the situation, I say that a map is the more effective route. At least it shows both countries named are actually North of Vienna. Donations anyone?
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