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[J.D. DIAMOND] Sunday, June 23, 2013 9:52:34 PM 
In my personal opinion Hammerfall are better than Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden,OZZY,DIO ECT....

Every blue moon the fanbase of old heavy metal picks up thier instruments and creates another chapter for themselves,and to me(not everbody else) Hammerfall have achieved a quality discography based on thier excellent song writting skills,thier excellent MELODIES" .

Each Lp (except 2011's Infected album which I didnt care for) only has 1 under-par less quality track on it except 2006 "Threshold" LP which there are only 2 under-par tracks.

Another reason I like this band is that they are not so close in image & sound to Judas Priest.....

Bands like Primal Fear,Cage,new Death Dealer,ect...they all have vocalists that sound and look too much like Rob Halford and thier tracks are all based from influences from the Painkiller Lp and Jugulator....there isnt enough older styled 80's metal in there,Halford bassist Mike Davis band Death Dealer is total metal and all,but borders on the line of almost thrash....its almost a cross between heavy metal and death metal just with clear vocals,just not for me but not saying these bands are not worthy for someone else.
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